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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Connecticut voter reform legislation signed into law

HARTFORD – In a move that will make democracy in Connecticut more accessible to all, new voter reform legislation championed by State Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) was signed into law Monday by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

As co-chairwoman of the Government Administration and Election Committee, Sen. Slossberg fought for legislation that will increase voter participation by allowing citizens to register to vote on Election Day. The new law also allows online voter registration, a move that will make the registration process more convenient and efficient. 

“While other states across the country consider measures that would suppress voter rights, Connecticut is focused on the opposite: Making democracy more accessible to all. This law will increase voter participation and that is a good thing for democracy,” Sen. Slossberg said. “It is a fact that voter interest peaks in the final weeks of an election and this legislation enables more people to have their voices be heard on Election Day.”

The law establishes an online system for entering new voter registration applications and changes to existing registrations. For Election Day registration, the applicant must fill out a voter registration form, swear an oath, and provide the same information required by current law.

Research shows that online voter registration not only makes it easier for people to vote in elections, it can save money. In Maricopa County in Arizona, the cost to process a registration by paper is 83 cents, but the cost to process a registration online is just three cents.

“Voting is the most basic tenant of our democracy—it is incumbent upon us to use 21st century technology to give people better access to the ballot box and not impede participation in our electoral process,” Gov. Malloy said. “I applaud the work done by the Connecticut legislature to ensure the integrity of our electoral system.”

The following information was submitted by Connecticut Senate Democrats

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