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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Milford ECC Presents a Special Guest Speaker

Milford, CT: The (ECC) Environmental Concerns Coalition welcomes speaker “new urbanist” Robert Orr - principal architect at Robert Orr & Associates, as our guest speaker. His presentation/ discussions will include: Planning and Development Ideas. Come here about Downtown Revitalization, Urban Design, How Sustainable Transportation Enhances Existing Economic Development and How New Urbanism Enhances a Cities Sustainability. The presentation will be followed by a public Q & A session.

In addition, Robert Orr has graciously volunteered to work with Milford's High School Students. As part of Milford’s environmental outreach, the ECC has started a Sustainable Student Advisory Board to the Mayor’s Office. Students will explore New Urbanism Careers and Concepts. Based on the information learned and gathered, students will prepare a report with their findings and recommendations to the Mayor's Office.

The presentation by Robert Orr should set the foundation for a fantastic evening! All we need is you. I hope you can join us. Pass this invitation along to your friends and neighbors! Remember, the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Date: Tuesday, March 27th
Time: 6:30 pm Complimentary Refreshments followed by Mr. Orr's presentation at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: City Hall, 110 River Street, Milford, CT

Please RSVP. Your RSVP will help us better prepare seating and refreshments!
Leave a message for DD Vasseur at 203-283-1441 or

Inclement Weather Date: 1March 30. Same time, same place.
A recording will be left at 203-283-1441 if inclement weather is expected


Blogger DD Vasseur said...

This will be ECC Chair Woman Diane Vasseur's last event as Chair. As promised she has found a worth (Young Adult) successor. She believes in (empowering young people to be today's leaders, today.) Justin Tartagni will officially take the ECC's reigns on March 27 along with his ECC Co-chair Jeanette Diaz.
Justin and Jeanette have been helping with ECC events and issues for years.

Jeanette is a young, energetic holistic parent who will inspire and create programs that will greatly enrich the lives of Milford's families with children. Jeanette will help Milford's families save money while increasing the health of the food they eat. She is now a member of the Community Garden and will help these two important groups work together to enrich people's lives.

Justin is a great communicator and will inspire more young adults to get involved and increase their awareness of environment issues. Justin's degree in marketing that will help him get his message out. Milford's in great hands with these two very special people.

Milford's Green Community is planning a Sustainable Spring Bash to welcome Milford ECC's Young Energetic Cochair Team!

Justin's going to move the ECC into the 21st Century. Monthly Meetings will utilize a GoTo Meetings option. You'll be able to attend ECC meetings from the comfort and convenience of your own home or in person. This platform will enable Justin to attract great speakers from all over the world as easily as he can from our own neighborhood. Meetings will be recorded for the public's convenience and as an educational resource.
Back to New Urbanist, Robert Orr's presentation. Zak Depiero one of Milford ECC's new Sustainable Advisory Board Members will be filming and photographing this event. Zak is a young Milford Business Entrepreneur.
Join Justin at 6:30 on March 27. Please show your support. The next generation of Milford's Young Leaders have stepped up to the plate. They are honored to be serving Milford and working to serve the Honorable Mayor Ben Blake.
It has been such an honor to have served Mayor Ben Blake as ECC Chair. Since moving to Milford, I have never felt so energized, motivated and full of hope. Ben's such a charismatic, forward thinking Mayor. I have no doubt that he will one day be remembered as on of CT's Finest Mayors! Every time I see a picture of him with his young family it warms my heart.

March 24, 2012 at 2:06 PM 

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