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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Milford school board cuts 8 positions

180 nontenured teachers get to keep their jobs

By James Tinley
Register Staff
— Three central office and five paraprofessional positions were axed from the Board of Education budget Monday night, but the 180 nontenured teachers who received layoff notices earlier this year will keep their jobs.
The school board voted unanimously to approve nearly $1.5 million in budget cuts to the proposed 2008-09 school budget, which included shedding some programs, but largely avoided layoffs.
At least one layoff will be avoided by having a central office administrator become a principal. There is an opening at Joseph A. Foran High School. Superintendent of Schools Harvey B. Polansky declined to comment on who will fill the position, but said it may involve moving the principal at another school to the Foran spot.
A noncertified administrator and secretary were also cut from the budget.
Polansky said dealing with a potential layoff for the administrator position involves negotiating with the union, but the clerical position does not.
Savings of $146,000 were achieved through elimination of the Academy After School Initiative. Fewer textbooks will be purchased and teachers will be able to attend fewer conferences creating additional savings.
Deputy Superintendent of Operations Phil Russell said the five paraprofessional positions that were cut will not necessarily result in layoffs. He said the number of paraprofessionals the school district needs is based on class sizes.
Polansky added there is the possibility that even if paraprofessionals are laid off, they may be hired back as student enrollment numbers change over the summer.
“If they don’t have a job in August, they’ll likely have a job in September,” Polansky said.
The Board of Finance in March reduced the school board’s budget by $2.1 million from $82.9 million to $80.8 million.
The Board of Aldermen voted 10-5 to reinstate $990,000 with all nine Democrats and Republican Alderman Ray Vitali, R-5, voting for the education budget.
Another $460,000 of cuts above the $1 million that administrators originally thought needed to be made came after accounting for the unexpected spike in the cost of fuel.
“Fuel prices have escalated beyond our wildest expectations,” Polansky said.
The final school budget now is $81.82 million, or a 5 percent increase over this year. School officials had sought a 6.1 percent increase. The school system needed a 5.4 percent increase to maintain current services.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So they have cut 8 positions - I am sure there is more duplication and more cuts can be made.
The BOE and Dr. Polansky knew all along what they were going to do - and they are laughing at the alderman and tax payer of Milford.
What a sad, sad group. Look at what is going on all over the country with layoffs. People are loosing their jobs and yet asked to pay more for property taxes because the BOE and teachers can't think out of the box and work harder with less.
The BOE and Dr Polansky should be told now - no increases next year -and more productiviity

June 6, 2008 at 9:06 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hold the line boys! Hold the line on cost increases. This goes to show that those 180 teachers were never really an issue, rather they were used like a pawn to get parents to the Aldermanic meeting a scream not to cut their childs education funds. This really is not a cut in funds, but rather a reduction in the requested increase. They still received more funds than last year. Make it work . . . make it work.

June 9, 2008 at 9:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article in yesterday's new Haven Register was a real eye opener. The system rec'd an additional $824,750 - they knew this was coming and still cried and stomped feet like small children. AS a result they were given back $990,000. Now they feel the Milford Taxpayers should jump for joy because the Education Dept will return $155,00 to the general fund. They call this a win-win and our Mayor does his normal thing and agrees - and fails to protect the citizens and taxpayers he is responsible for.
I don't know about you, but I feel like the BOE, Polansky, Russell and the BOE have lied and cheated the taxpayers - I feel just plain raped!
The Alderman were duped and those who voted for the additional $990,000 should be angry and demand the return of the full $990,000 and they can keep their $155,000.
Milford Taxpayers it is time to revolt! As was once said in a movie "I am madder than hell and I won't take it any longer".
First we had Firn and now we have Polansky - he should be fired also!

June 11, 2008 at 8:24 AM 

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