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Monday, June 2, 2008

Milford takes the high road

Milford Web site to post paving list

By Brian McCready
Milford Bureau Chief
— When it comes to the city’s annual road repaving list, it’s ask and you shall receive.
During the last municipal election, Democrats led by mayoral candidate Kerri Rowland requested that the Department of Public Works post its road repaving schedule on the city’s Web site to let residents know years in advance when their roads will be repaved.
Mayor James L. Richetelli Jr. initially balked at the request, saying there was no way of letting residents know years in advance.
Paving takes place in the spring and the fall each year, and the list isn’t finalized until after the winter because it’s unclear until then which roads need the most work.
The city has now agreed to publicize the paving schedule for the calendar year.
Aldermanic Chairman Ben Blake, D-5, said he is pleased that the list has been made public and will help ensure open government.
“It provides a more transparent government and there is not even a perception that things are being done in secretive fashion and that some streets are not paved,” Blake said. “This puts that all out there.”
Blake also said giving people advance notice will allow people to not have the utilities come and dig up their road right after the city repaves it.
“This is one more planning tool so people know their street will be paved in the next year,” Blake said. “This list is a step in the right direction. A list everyone will appreciate. I’m happy the public works director is making these efforts to help improve the way our government business is conducted.”
Alderman Scott Willey, R-4, said the list issue was “much ado about nothing.” He said he can understand why Richetelli and public works officials did not want the list released.
He said the list is subject to change, and the names of the streets can be replaced.
Last year, he said, the city literally ran out of money when it came to a repaving project along Point Beach.
He said publicizing the list will lead to complaints, which Willey said is the aim of Democrats.
“Everything the Democrats do is politically motivated,” Willey said.
The streets targeted for repaving include North Broad Street (High Street to Golden Hill Street), Golden Hill Street to Clark Street, Osborne Street, West Town Street (Golden Hill Street to Bridgeport Avenue), High Street (break in Green), Central Avenue, and Center Street.
Other streets scheduled to be repaved include West River Street (“Y” at West Main Street), front of City Hall, South Kareema Avenue, Southern Parkway, South Woodland Drive, Eastern Parkway (Rivercliff Drive to end), Woodland Drive, Sachem Street (Cottage Street to end), Pequot Street, and Colonial Street.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great - I would like to know when my street will get Paved! There is grass growing in the middle of it. Better yet - When will it get swept.

June 6, 2008 at 9:12 AM 

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