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Friday, August 26, 2011

Milford Mayor issues strong warning concerning Hurricane Irene

Mayor James L. Richetelli, Jr., joined by his team of emergency managers, today issued strong warnings for residents to prepare and make adequate plans for the approaching hurricane.
At a 1 p.m. press conference in City Hall auditorium, the Mayor outlined the results of his meetings to date with emergency managers, a timeline for the availability of services for city residents, and emphatic warnings about storm preparedness.
“The latest forecast models show that Hurricane Irene has accelerated,” Mayor Richetelli said. “We are now expecting heavy rain Saturday afternoon through the evening. Tropical force winds are expected to arrive by midnight, with hurricane force winds whipping in by daybreak Sunday and City of Milford continuing through early afternoon. With this storm, we are expecting seven to nine inches of rain, which will cause moderate to major coastal flooding and major urban flooding.”
With the safety of Milford residents in mind, Mayor Richetelli advised the following:
• All City residents should immediately review their emergency plans with family members and prepare for the possible interruption of electrical power for an extended period of time.
• Information on preparing your home and property for a storm of this magnitude is available at or
• Residents with special medical needs and/or life support issues should prepare TODAY by identifying and securing back-up power sources to meet their needs.
• Shoreline residents, as well as residents who live in flood-prone areas throughout the City, are encouraged to leave their homes by Saturday afternoon, when heavy rains are expected to begin. When tropical force winds begin as anticipated Saturday night, it may be too late to evacuate.
• Vehicles in shoreline or flood-prone areas must be moved to higher ground. School parking lots throughout the City may be used for this purpose for the duration of Hurricane Irene.
• Residents who evacuate their homes are encouraged to first seek alternate shelter with family and friends but, if this is not feasible, they should plan to use area hotels or the emergency shelter.
• In coordination with the Board of Education, the City has designated Jonathan Law High School, 20 Lansdale Avenue, as its emergency shelter.
• The emergency shelter will open at 6 p.m. Saturday, August 27th, and will be managed by the American Red Cross in conjunction with the City Health Department. Residents using the emergency shelter should bring enough clothing, personal items and necessary medical supplies or medications to last for an extended period of time. Elderly residents who have live-in aides should bring their aides to shelter also, as the emergency shelter staff will be unable to provide assistance of that nature.
• A pet shelter, managed by the city Animal Control Department, will be available at the Jonathan Law High School emergency shelter also. Pet owners should bring enough food to last their pets for an extended period of time. It is anticipated that the impact of this storm will be days or weeks – not hours.
• Residents who have questions about storm-related issues or who
want to report a non-emergency storm-related incident may call the Emergency Operations Center at (203) 874-6782. The Emergency Operations Center is open, and is being staffed appropriately by City personnel.
• General information about storm resources is available by calling the State Info Line, 211, or the City storm hotline, 8-STORM-2. The City website,, also will carry storm updates and information.
• To report downed wires during the storm or any other emergency, residents should dial 911.
• Power outages at residences may be reported by calling United Illuminating at 1-800-722-5584. To view outage maps and the progress toward restoring power, please consult
• Residents who do not evacuate their homes and are not essential personnel are encouraged to STAY HOME FOR THE DURATION OF THE STORM AND THE IMMEDIATE AFTERMATH to allow emergency personnel, utility workers and clean-up crews to safely perform their jobs.
Mayor Richetelli said, “Residents should remain calm and use common sense as they prepare for this storm. However, this hurricane must be taken very seriously, and I urge all residents to heed the warnings and take necessary precautions now.”


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