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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Parents and officials demand school repairs

By Brian McCready
Milford Bureau Chief
— Joseph Della Monica Jr. has a frank assessment of East Shore Middle School: “It’s just nasty.”
Della Monica, a city police sergeant and the father of two children who attend the school, backs up his blunt critique by saying the school is overcrowded, has stained ceiling tiles, mismatched color floor tiles, and is permeated by the smell of raw sewage.
“Fix the ... school,” Della Monica said. “I don’t live here for a substandard school. I’ll be all over these people until they correct the problems. There will not be one day of peace until it’s all corrected.”
At a Board of Education meeting this week, Superintendent of Schools Harvey B. Polansky addressed concerns raised by school staff and parents.
Polansky said the district spent about $12,000 to eradicate the smell in the school. He said the odor came from the kitchen’s grease trap, which was cleaned.
The building tiles were installed in 1952, and when they break, they are replaced. Polansky said it’s not always possible to match the tiles’ color. He added that the floor tiles contain asbestos and cannot simply be removed.
Polansky said the roof has leaked and has been repaired and re-patched several times over its 56-year lifespan. He said maintenance responds whenever a leak is noticed.
The temperature throughout the school can vary because only part of the school is exposed to direct sunlight, he said.
Della Monica, a former Republican town chairman, said once a letter on the matter appeared in last week’s Milford Weekly, about 13 maintenance workers arrived at the school the following day.
East Shore is overcrowded and students are forced into classrooms that are smaller than they were in elementary school, he said.
The middle school has about 70 more students than the city’s two other middle schools.
Della Monica said school officials must ask the city for bond authorization to complete improvements.
School officials have said East Shore needs renovations, but upgrades to the city’s two high schools are the top priority.
Della Monica said the overcrowding is best chronicled by the fact that students have to walk outside after lunch because the hallway is too crowded.
Polansky said there are three lunch waves at East Shore, each of which is 25 minutes long, and nearly 200 students and staff occupy the cafeteria in each wave. School officials believe that since students enter and exit the same hallway, it was best to allow them to go outside and walk 25 yards to another door at the end of the building.
School officials said students are monitored the entire time by staff and do not go outside on days when there is snow on the ground or if it’s raining.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual, this Administration and the past have FAILED to maintain public property - Police station needs a roof, sewer system, this has been looked at for 5 - 10 years and now the costs have soared and the Mayor is surprised -yet The Mayor wants to spend $18M on Eisenhower Park and a water slide and Equest. Center. Oh, did I forget the brick and granite sidewalks and curbs in downtown Milford. What Planet does he live on? Does he even bother to listen to the news or read a paper? Now is the time to be frugal and spend wisely - granit curbs and brick sidewalks - and a board walk - is this being entirely paid for by the state? Then of course there is the Joke of downtown Devon - brick sidewalks, fountains and granite curbs - It is basicly a used car lot with 2-3 just OK restaurants. Been there, parking is not a real problem - you may have to walk a few feet - Oh My!

May 18, 2008 at 8:57 AM 
Anonymous The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

Dear Anonymous,

Man are you negative. If you are going to drag the Mayor through cactus for this, you also consider that the new group of Aldermen just took money out of the budget for building maintenance. No one is using there head. As for the Park, not an issue, as they only put together a study of what it would take to make the single largest parcel of public land "Usable". Since no one has maintained this for over 30+ years I am not shocked by the cost. Do the math, $580,000 - $600,000 a year in maingtenace = $17.4 to $18 million. Every administration has dropped the ball here all for the lack of simply budgeting up keep and repairs. Get off the may on this one, as he was left with cleaning up the mess created by previous generations.
As for the Devon project, this is all Harford grant money from our state Reps. and Senator. If we did not take this money, someone else would. My family has lived in Devon since the 1930's and it is looking better, just not as fast as we would like. You need a chill-pill buddy.

May 19, 2008 at 8:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not your Buddy - and I would take a chill pill if the City and the current Admin. started handling the City and its Money as if it were a business and not a bottomless Pit.
How much was paid for the Park Study? The Park was not maintained for 20-30 years - How long has the current mayor been in office
The ball was dropped and he has still not picked it up

May 21, 2008 at 8:28 AM 
Anonymous The Scarlet Pimpernel said...

Dear Anonymolus,

Hey Buddy, how does a Mayor (any Mayor Dem, Rep. or Ind.) fix 30 years of neglect in 6 years? In his first 2 years he launched a group to study and plan for repairs. It bacame a political football and now everyone has scattered on the subject. There a are many such topics that would have been good for Milford, but all became poltical so no one with touch it so they can stay elected and continue to DO NOTHING. I make no appologises for this Mayor and do not agree with 100% of what he does, but I can say from what I have read and the public meetings I attended he did indeed make a good effort on the park and other projects. Again, I suggest a "Chill-Pill", Scotch and/or a nice vodka martini and take a step back from the edge of the political cliff.

May 22, 2008 at 9:59 AM 

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