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Monday, May 5, 2008

Milford native has her eye on Amann’s job

By Brian McCready
Milford Bureau Chief
MILFORD — Heidi Voight knows firsthand how bad the economy is getting.
Voight, 25, recently lost her job at Eos Airlines as a flight attendant when the company filed for bankruptcy.
“There was no warning, no severance,” Voight said. “I know ... how the economy stinks. I know it’s a struggle to pay back student loans. I understand the real world implications.”
Now Voight, Miss Connecticut in 2006, has her eye on a new job.
She is considering a run for the House seat held by retiring state House Speaker James Amann, D-Milford.
“I have boundless energy,” Voight said. “This would be my full-time priority.”
Others interested include Democratic Town Chairman Richard Smith and aldermen Barbara Lambert and Martin Hardiman.
Amann said Voight is just “great,” adding that the Democratic Party has many wonderful candidates.
“She’s worked up here on domestic violence issues and Heidi did a great job as Miss Connecticut and I’m very proud of her,” Amann said.
Voight said it’s “sad to imagine the House of Representatives without Jim Amann,” whom she called a “mentor.”
Smith said the party would consider running Voight for Amann’s seat, but stressed no decisions have been made. A final decision must be made in time for the May 27 nominating convention.
Voight, who has never held an elective office, said she feels it’s her unique personal story that helps qualify her for the job. Growing up in Milford, Voight and her family sometimes relied on groups like the United of Way of Milford for assistance due to financial struggles. Voight said she was sexually assaulted at age 15, and credits services from local agencies for helping her through difficult personal times.
Voight said her interest in running was sparked when a town committee member called her Sunday and asked her if she was interested in the job.
Voight said her love of public service grew after she won Miss Connecticut. She spent most of her time in Hartford pushing for legislation for victims of sexual and domestic violence. She was also concerned with veterans’ issues.
“Quite simply, the time I spent in the Capitol was the most significant impact I could make on my community,” Voight said. “I simply have a desire to give back to a community that gave back so much to me.”
“Milford helped cradle me and shape who I am as a person today,” she added.
Voight said she believes the title of Miss Connecticut and some of the stereotypes that come with it may serve as a temporary obstacle for her. “The stereotypes are undeserved,” Voight said. “I’ve earned a reputation through hard work. I’ve proven them wrong. I broke the mold and used the title to make a difference.”If elected, Voight said she would make keeping families and children safe her top legislative priority. She would also work on strengthening domestic violence and child sexual predator laws.
Voight said something needs to be done concerning property taxes. She said her grandparents recently sold their Point Beach home because they could not afford the taxes.
She said she is also passionate about veterans’ issues because several men in her family have served in the armed forces. She said some members of her family were never the same after the Vietnam War.
Voight has served as a rape crisis center counselor and volunteered for The American Legion Missing in American Project.
Voight said if she does not receive her party’s nomination, she will become more active in the town committee and would be interested in serving on the Board of Education.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire Ms Voight for her ambition and wish her luck in the future -
However, I would prefer and will vote for a more seasoned representative.

May 6, 2008 at 3:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of seasoning do you prefer?

Chris Murphy was 24 when he became a CT State Rep. He now represents the 5th District in the US Congress. He is 31 years old.

Mike Brown

May 9, 2008 at 5:58 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe more experience is required - I am not seeing where Chris Murphy is doing much for Ct. but then again - looking for Dodd and Lieberman is like playing where is Waldo! Dodd moved out of the State for his self promotion and Lieberman is McCain's old dog, just hoping for another 15 mins. of fame.

May 14, 2008 at 7:33 AM 

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