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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3rd Milford historic district suggested

By Brian McCready
Milford Bureau Chief
—Talk of a third historic district in the Gulf Street area has begun, while one Planning and Zoning Board member says she is hopeful there is a way to preserve all 400 historical structures in the city.
PZB member Kim Rose, D-3, who is chairwoman of the PZB historic committee, said there is the possibility of creating a third historic district downtown.
She said there are a number of historic homes along Gulf Street that should be protected.
Rose said she is concerned most of the city’s approximately 400 historic homes are scattered, and she wants to afford those buildings protected, as well.
“How do you protect them from additional exterior renovations affecting the historical nature of the property?” Rose asked. “There is very little the Planning and Zoning Board can do.”
She said she became concerned about the welfare of historic homes after the 18th-century Cadley farmhouse was demolished last year.
“It’s important for every town to preserve its historic buildings. After the demolition of the Cadley property it’s time to protect every home that is left,” Rose said. “We’re a little unusual. We have a lot of scattered homes.”
The purpose of the district is to restrict new construction and additions that change the nature of the area.
Any developer who attempts a project that does not conform to the regulations of the historic district will not be able to proceed.
Rose said there are some state statutes that may give some hope to preserving the historical nature of the scattered homes.
Her committee may make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen to look at creating an ordinance to preserve scattered historic buildings.
City Historian Richard Platt said Stacy Vairo, a professional architectural historian who works for the state Historical Commission, recently updated the city’s historic resources inventory.
He said defining the historical nature of a building is very subjective.
The former Milford Jai-Alai building was on the previous list because of its architectural characteristics, which won awards, he said.
Community landmarks such as Paul’s Hamburgers are also on the list, he said.
Rose said Gulf Street may lend itself to a third historic district because there is a high concentration of historic homes on that street.
Platt said he is all for Gulf Street being made into a third historic district.
“There are a lot of old homes. A lot of 18th-century houses,” Platt said. He said it was in the original charge for the committee that created a historic district south of the Green. “I think I need to give the aldermen a nudge on that after the budget,” Platt said.
“A historic district is the best protection you’re looking for,” he added.
Platt said he remains concerned about the isolated historic homes in the city, but questioned whether anything could be done to protect them.
Aldermanic Chairman Ben Blake, D-5, said the work of the historic committee is a “worthwhile endeavor,” and is something the aldermen will look into.


Anonymous Mark L - Milford said...

I find Kim Rose's "vision" for Gulf Street a little strange, given to the fact that this section of Milford was called out for a historic designation in the Plan of Conservation & Development that was completed before she ever thought of running for the Board. Also, it was discussed again during the last Board's first historic committee meeting that she was not a part of. Her taking credit for this is like handing in someone elses homework at school. Try doing something original Kim and stop taking credit for the work done by others

April 20, 2008 at 6:46 PM 

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