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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Police launch new incentives for officers

By James Tinley
Register Staff
— Police Chief Keith Mello recently announced the addition of two incentive programs: the Board of Police Commissioners’ Award and "challenge coins."
The commissioners’ award is for any employee who has advanced the goals of the department over a two-year period. One person will be selected by the police board, after being nominated by his or her peers.
"This...program (is) to recognize officers for exemplary service," said Mello, shown at right. "And it’s not just for officers or necessarily for an arrest on big case. A lot of people come to work motivated and help move this department forward."
Mello said that community service should be recognized. Many other police awards are incident-driven and highlight a particular arrest or act of bravery of an officer. This award is to highlight someone who has performed admirably in leadership and ethics or has displayed a strong desire to develop relationships with the community, Mello said. The recipient will receive a plaque and a certificate.
The "challenge coins" are glass tokens emblazoned with the city’s emblem and are designed to be handed out to officers "just to say great job," Mello said.
The Rev. Carleton Giles, vice chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, said the incentive programs are great ideas and should help foster an environment that will make officers excited to come to work.



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