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Monday, January 14, 2008

Part 2 from Ann Berman


I do believe it is time to give thanks for the many people who have contributed with their readership, volunteer help, professional expertise and money for the ECC. It is time to list the people who made the ECC what it is today. And, it is also time to give a little of the history.
The ECC got its start in 1990 as Mayor Lisman thought there should be an Earth Day Celebration and called together the local environmentalists: Letty Malone, Barbara Milton, Joan Politi, Richard Roy, Ralph Harrison and a few others to organize the celebration. They discovered they wanted to stay together, so they wrote a mission statement with Richard Roy’s help and Joan’s suggestion for its name and later the ECC logo design by Robert Proto.

ECC’s Mission Statement :
“The Environmental Concerns Coalition (ECC) is the product of citizen involvement in the planning of Milford’s 1990 Earth Day activities, and was formed to focus effort on local environmental issues. In this regard, the ECC is a vehicle for citizen action to address the major themes of the present- day environmental movement in this country, captured in the slogans, “pollution prevention, not control” and “think globally, act locally”. ECC’s overall objective is to research environmental issues that affect
Milford and its residents and educate the public about its findings. As an ad hoc committee of the Mayor’s office, the ECC keeps him informed of its agendas and progress on a

regular basis and, whenever possible, coordinates its activities with those of other agencies of the city government. The ECC also makes proposals to the Mayor’s office concerning executive or legislative initiatives which it believes are in the best interests of the City of Milford.”
Mayor Lisman gave the ECC some legitimacy as an ad hoc group out of the Mayor’s office, a place to meet and postage for the newsletter. Mayor James L. Richetelli, Jr. has continued to support and help expand the ECC’s initiatives, such as the passage of four important Resolutions and help from his staff, John O’Connell, Elinor Gregory and Linda Michel. Add to that most of the city departments, commissions, and schools with special help and thanks to Public Works.
We especially appreciate the help from our local press who have been there for us on all our initiatives and projects: The New Haven Register and their Milford Weekly, The Connecticut Post and last, but not least, The Milford Mirror.
There have been three Chairpersons: Barbara Milton, Betsey Wright and Ann Berman. We have a Treasurer, Kathlyn Kraffmiller, Membership, Barbara Jason, Committee Chairs: Recycling, Diane Vasseur; Freedom Lawn, Dr Laurel Lobovits, Diesel Pollution, Joyce Acebo-Raguskus, Walking Booklet chairs, Deborah Rowe and Susan Mingione. We are

still working at formalizing committees for transportation, communication, trails and Earth Day.
Listed below are people who have contributed in many ways, in the past and present. They are not necessarily in alphabetical order: Margarite Acebo, Carolyn Alling, John Altieri, Kathy Alagno, Speaker James Amann and wife Terri, Helen and Richard Anderson, Denise Arpino, Raymond Baldwin, Linda Ball, Sherry Belden, Rebecca Balentine and Mike Ferrari, Barbara Bell (our energy expert), Dawn Beetham, Allen Berrien, Cheryl & John Blake, Bartley Block, Elizabeth Beiter, Nina and John Barrett, George Benedetti, June Benson, Danielle Bercury, Rev. Paige Besse-Rankin, Jessica Blacketter, Ben Blake, Cheryl and John Blake, Ed Boman, Titus Boggon, Kathryn Bonyai, Stephen Borer, John & Miliam Borgatti, Grace Box, Malcom Boxwell, Linda Brewster, Jim Broatch, Kierran Broatch, Paul Brunner and Diane Lentakis, Nancy Bruno, Scott Bruno, Barbara Burrows, Linda and James Brewster, Denyse Burke, Gail & Harold Burns, Frank Byrne, Carol & Lee Canapetti, Jeff & Julie Carter, Ann Carter, Jeanne Cervin, Fred Cotter, Peter Crabtree, Amy & Anna Cecere, Andy Charland, Tim and Sharon Chaucer, Barbara Clark, Donna & Fred Michael Collins, Mike & Arlene Cohen, Michael Coppola, Susan Cossette, Mike Costen, Donna & Fred Cotter, Peter Crabtree, Fran Crowley, Ann & Leigh Danenberg, Paul Davis, Victoria DePalma, Dorothy Denning, Jeanette Dias, Jill Dion, Donna & Mike DiMassa, John Dockendoff, Carol Dunn, Gail Dymling, Mary Lou Evans, Carol Faruolo, Victor Ferrante, Alex Fox, Philip Fulco, Kathy Gage, Bebe Gallipoli, Mark Garrett, Betty Geller, Barbara Genovese, Carmela & Michael Giacobbe, June Granger, Elinor & Bob Gregory, Isabelle Gingras, Helen Bennett Harvey, Lynne & Ralph Harrison, Mary Heerema, Barbara M. Hilli, Nancy Helfant, Albert Henderson, Lois Hoory, Carolyn Hughes, Linda Hoza, Bob Hurley, Len & Freda L’Anson, Tom & Marcia Ivers, Carolyn & Thomas Jackson, Alan Jepson, Paul & Tammy Jorgensen, Nancy & Frank Juliano, Verena Karsten, Elizabeth Kennard, Ilan & Laurel Kinori Mary Lou Kecko, Kathy & Steve Kraffmiller, (our engineer expert) Michele Kramer, Barbara Lambert, Ann & Scott Lapham, Irwin Langewisch, Michelle & Bill Laslett, Helen LaPlant, Brother Larry Lessier, Candace & Kurtis Law, Mary Ellen LeMay, Jeanne Scranton Lloyd, Leslie & Mark Lofthouse, Ada Lucke, Mary and Michael Ludwig, Edna Luysterborghs, Marie & Andy Macri, Laurel Macaluso, Elizabeth Madden, Peggy Magdon, Mary Mahieu, Chester Malinowski, Letty Malone, Suzanne Manning, Elizabeth & Frank Markisello, Tessa Marquis & Michael Brown, Carolyn Martin, Dr. Dennis & Valerie McBride, Robin McAllister, Deeanna McLenithan, Bill Meddick, Barbara Milton, Marion Morra, Melinda & Wayne James Morse, Carolyn Murphy, Karen Myers, Eleanor Myers-Turkington, Mary Neschke, Katherine Neville, Jerry Nichols & Christina Swanke, Karen & John O’Neil, Kate Orecchio, MaryRose Palumbo, Ann Pandya, Linda Parnoff, Alex Pazsak, Joanne Perini, Tanya Petruff, Beth Pimentl, Bill Poutray, Rose Palumbo, Joanne Perini, Tanya Petruff,
Terry & Harold Pitt, Dawn Portoff, Ralph Piselli, Vincent & Michelle Piselli, Jane & Richard Platt, Robert Proto, Mary Quirion, Lorraine Rahgo, Rainbow Gardens, Donna Ramirez, Lynn Ramos, Chris Randolph, Ann Rath, Marti Reed, Natasha Rennie, Pat Rogers, Spence Rogers, Lori Romick, Anelle Ross, Ann Rossi, Nancy & Dana Rotman, Richard & Pat Roy, Alice Renzoni, Joseph
Simoncek, Bill Sahlmann, Oden Seaholm, Josepha, Sherman, Susan & David Slattery, Lisa & Doug Sorensen, Joseph Simoncek,
Gayle Slossberg, Charla & Steven Spector, Bonnie & Win Smith, Roger Smith, Ruth and Herschel Smith, Ross Spiegel, Rosalie Spinelli, Pam Staneski, Beverly Streit-Kefalas, Phyllis Swebilius, Erica & Max Thomas, Lauretta Toomey, John Vanacore, Tammy Vermette, Gregory Vetter, Regina Vitale, Sarah Vinci, Barbara Wagner, Marilyn Wardell, Pat Watson, Michael Yeargan & Larry King, Tammy Vermette, Gloria Wehle, Wendy Werthmann, John Westermann, Judy & Charles Weyant, Steve & Gunvor Wing, Marjorie & Jim Winkleman, Marcia Winter, Connie Wood, Emily Wood, Sheila Woodlock, Chris Wrinn, Betsey & Will Wright, Susan Chris Wrinn, Susan Wydra, Dee-Dee Zimmerman.
We thank you one and all and we hope that with this New Year it will bring on more participation, more funds and more members.
This list does not cover all the names of the public school students, St. Mary’s students, Girl and Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and their parents, Alternative Education Students (for great job at Walkers Pond). Apologies for names missing that belong on the list. If you know of any missing, please call me and they will be published in our next newsletter-878-0910.
We have over 400 names on our mailing list, which means the rest of you, who are not listed, are our readers. We do appreciate that many of you are very busy, but do want to keep up with what the ECC is trying to do for the community and the environment. This being said, it would be helpful if you would call or write occasionally to give us suggestions or information that would be helpful for you and the rest of us.
If anyone wants to be off our list, please call Barbara Jason at 877-9540.

Please return, and a $10 contribution will also be appreciated. Any additional monies will be put into a fund to go towards our new edition of Milford’s Favorite Walking Booklet.

Thank you,
Ann Berman, Chair



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